My Happy Customers



Passed 21st November 2012

Rocco was an excellent driving instructor who was always calm and reassuring despite my "Need for Speed" mentality. I have had previous driving lessons before but never have I had one who was so patient, supportive and funny with his many philosophical anecdotes. I would highly recommend Rocco for anyone learning to drive.



Toby Wilcock

Toby Wilcock

Passed 12th June 2012

"Learning to drive with Rocco Tarantino was a great decision, not only did I manage to pass 1st time under his tuition - I also learnt several valuable life skills too. Rocco is a great driving instructor that I highly recommend as he makes you feel relaxed and confident behind the wheel. He uses helpful metaphors that I found easy to relate to due to tasks that I perform in every day routines such as work. I think the worst part about passing my test is that I'll no longer have Rocco's lessons to look forward to every week. Overall I highly recommend him as a driving instructor that gives brilliant one-to-one tuition and makes it easy to understand."


Judith Cemine

Passed 10th January 2012

"Rocco had taught me everything that I needed know to pass my driving test. He made everything simple for me to understand and remember things while on the road especially the manoeuvre. Based on my experienced with him, there's no doubt that he's a very patient, understanding and friendly driving instructor that makes you feel relax and absorb the information that you needed in driving.

I can always remember once he told me not to put my head on the fire when I tried to squeezed the car in a very tight space when I was not sure whether to go ahead or not, or when putting the car in a wrong place on the road exposing myself in a hazardous position. Thinking about it, made me laugh, can you imagine to put your head on the fire? But at the same time it taught me a very valuable lesson that will always be remembered while I'm driving and be considerate to other road users, of course.

The good thing about Rocco is he will firstly find out what your weaknesses are and works hard to improve and strengthen your driving skills further.

To those who want to learn to drive, I recommend Rocco as your driving instructor.""


Alexis Mercer

Passed 3rd October 2011

"Rocco helped me pass my test, he is a great instructor - really patient and calm! I couldn't have asked for a better instructor!

I have been driving around a lot and loving it - Thank you so much!"





Passed 16th September 2011

"I really enjoyed learning to drive with Rocco, he was a patient and understanding teacher. I was really happy with how everything went. The only problem is, now I've passed, everyone wants lifts..."

Thanks a lot Rocco!



Mike Rose

Passed 4th July 2011

"I'm so pleased Rocco was my instructor. I passed first time. Rocco is very good at explaining difficult manoeuvres; eco-driving; and safety on the road.

He is patient, completely reliable and he gave me a life-skill which has transformed the way I work and travel.

I recommend Rocco Tarantino very highly indeed".



Hayley Pearce

Passed 19th May 2011

"Rocco is an amazing driving instructor who I would recommend to everyone! Rocco is patient, calm and friendly making you feel relaxed whilst driving. Rocco's teaching methods are easy and repetitive so you learn quickly, safely and in the correct way! I found his car easy and comfortable to drive. Rocco's teaching skills are brilliant which helped me pass my test with NO minors!"

Thanks Rocco so so much, you're the best instructor ever!


Wojciech Jelonek

Passed 3rd May 2011

"I had a really good experience with Rocco, he was so patient and taught me everything that I needed to know in order for me to pass.

Also the way how Rocco teaches is amazing and straight forward, always explaining things so easy to understand them personally.

I think he's the best driving instructor in Lincoln. Many thanks Rocco !!


James Wright

Passed 17th March 2011

"Rocco taught me the basics of how to drive as I was unable to drive before his lessons and eventually taught me everything I needed in order to pass my practical test first time. He is extremely patient and understanding and cares for his pupils; hence why the majority pass first time. I'll always think of the clutch as a bomb when i release it too quickly...or when entering a junction too quickly, I'll think of a big cake and how you told me i'm trying to eat the cake in one go when i should eat it slowly! You had some brilliant analogies!"

Jake Shaw

Jake Shaw

Passed 17th Febuary 2011

"I'm extremely glad to have chosen Rocco as my Driving Instructor. He was a great teacher who managed to make the lessons both interesting and informative as well as being friendly and extremely patient! He helped me pass first time without any extra tuition and I would recommend him to anyone."

Thanks Rocco


Connor Findlay

Connor Findlay

Passed 10th January 2011

"Rocco is a patient and calm instructor, whose attention to detail and precise knowledge of what is required in order to pass, enabled me to pass my test first time. He is the perfect instructor for those who are nervous about driving due to his relaxed, yet effective, teaching style."

Thanks again Rocco

Nicolas Parkes

Nicolas Parkes

Passed 11th November 2010

"I began driving with Rocco in mid April and passed completely by early November. My lessons took less than seven months to complete and I would put this down to the way in which Rocco conducts his lessons.

He's a very patient, friendly and easy-going person.

I passed first time so would recommend him to anyone who wants to learn to drive."

Thanks a lot Rocco!